Online Appathon

March 19, 2015

ABA Techshow & MIT Media Lab Online Legal Appathon

Join us in a novel collaboration with the American Bar Association Techshow for the "Online Legal Appathon" and innovate the field, practice and service of law.  You can be a 

Learn to use an array of open source and other common tools for building creative applications of technology to address key challenges faced by lawyers, clients and society.  

This online event will provide educational opportunities to understand, learn to use and build powerful cutting edge tools like:

* CommonAccord, for agile contracts; 
* QNAmarkup, for rapid creation of decision tree elicitation of fact;  
* DueProcessors, for streamlining complex multi-prong analysis with legal calculators; and 
* OpenID Connect, for identity and data sharing authorizations.

Tools like these are disrupting and evolving the legal profession and how business, government and individuals interact with the law. 

Just as important as the builders are the users who we build for.  If you are a user of legal tools then this event is for you. The agile method of project development used during these types of collaborative events assumes close connection with user groups to gather problems statements, context of how tools are used, and elicit feedback about project presentations.  Users will have an opportunity to contribute ideas about tools they need and participate in Appathon project input sessions.  Team need user participation to successfully create the tools and services that will be the best fit for your actual needs.  

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April 7th, 2015 Appathon Launch Announcement at Code for America's Boston Brigade


March 18th, 2015 Appathon Event Announcement at BLIP Clinic in Brooklyn: