Open Ask: Applied Legal Probability Models

February 1, 2015

Call for Creative Solutions and Ideas



Call for buildable conceptual frameworks, proposed prototype projects or other testable approaches: Initial and exploratory investigation of the potential for data science to better inform, augment or provide applied models suitable for establishing legal standards of proof and related decision point models.  Can legal informatics and computational law be applied in this context to avoid existing or new negative consequences and enhance effective, efficient, fair and just operation of legal systems?

Such legal standards and decision models include:

For each approach identified or proposed, please describe:

  • Any algorithms or functional logical proceses that a material to the approach;
  • The roles of parties or systems involved in operating or testing the approach;
  • How the approach can be prototyped, tested and evaluated, including relevant success metrics; and 
  • What types of data must or could be used to operate and test the approach.  

To contribute orginal comments, questions, ideas or prototype proposals or to share links, cites or other references to existing relevant work or new please use our public comment form and include the code "2015-OpenAsk-003" in the field for "Question or Comment."