Media Ventures

April 20, 2016

We'll have materials posted here to look at during Media Ventures class Thursday, April 21, 2016


Class Notes:

Current Themes/Tracks: Global Legal Technologies:
1) Legal document automation (and regulatory processes, with the emphasis on filings, reporting, licensing, etc)
2) Data analytics / Semantic systems / Deep learning
3) Smart transactions (centered around Blockchain and autonomous systems)

Example MIT/law Research & Development Projects
* "Corpbot" automated, fully data-driven and dynamic organization
 - Blockchain Credit Union as Nothin'But Net
* Uniform Law and US Code Statistical Models & Visualization:
* New Deal on Data: BLT Framework for Personal Data Ownership & Control
* Blockchain Legal Intensive for Starips:

* OpenNotice as a service.
  - lost property. Bids. Laws.
  - intent casting. Data requests.
  - identity, data and consent mgmt

* Legal Components / Cards / MD