Could we all talk to Joi Ito ... at ONE TIME?

March 14, 2013

Joi Ito is being interviewed now at the Media Lab (like right now, I'm sitting in the audience) with the BBC and, well, with the World.  BBC includes questions and comments in real time from their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Appropriately, all the Internet soured feedback and contribution is still taken through a serial, one at a time and curated choke point.  A staff person or other designee chooses the question to pose to Joi.  This is an improvemet.  But it could be done is a revolutionar way whereby the people online choose the questions in real time themselves and engage in a line of dialog with Joi as though they were a person.  A virtual person comprised of a great many human people (or other organizations as well).  This concept was explored deeply and a design was developed and proposed some years ago.  We called it: BigDialog.  
Here is a video of the design and a project pitch to use it at Vimeo:
Today, with OpenID Connect and other federated and semantic and service based open tools and methods, the concept can be done in many ways.  The eCitizen project would love to work with you on this project.  Let us know.