Automated Credit Union for Digital Assets

June 8, 2016

2015-09-09 UPDATE: Today, MIT/law pubished an overview of the goals, high level success criteria and plan for an autumn sprint in the our LegalEntity GitHub organization here.

2016-06-28 UPDATE: Today, MIT/law published a short video project overview of the Automated Credit Union Prototype open source project.  The video is embedded below:


MIT/law launched the Automated Credit Union Prototype Project today (June 8, 2016) in Washington, DC at the Georgetown University Law Center.  

The approach for this exploratory research and development project will be an open source, participatory and collaborative.  The key concept is to build a prototype that can test whether an automated US Federally Chartered Credit Union would be well suited to provide member services for personal data and individual identity.  Key postulates are that the existing US Credit Union legal/regulatory rules, market/business roles and social/cultural context would require no material changes to exist as automated entities or to provide data and identity services.  

The above slides were part of a presentation by Dazza Greenwood at the 2016 Health Privacy Summit and we thank the participants for valuable feedback and ideas shared.