Algorithmic Law and Blockchain Enabled Automation

April 6, 2016

Algorithmic law,  legal aspects of blockchain enabled automation and related topics are hot. Based on the surge of links coming our way, the topic is getting even hotter.  Here is our informal, running listing of significant events, publications and other relevant links.


Distributed Ledgers on the Web: A W3C Workshop on Blockchains. 29–30 June 2016, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Academic and Industry Events:

Tyranny of the Algorithm? Predictive Analytics & Human Rights: Conference, 21-22 March 2016, New York:

We Robot 2016, 1-2 April 2016, Coral Gables:

Unlocking the Black Box: The Promise and Limits of Algorithmic Accountability in the Professions, 2 April 2016, New Haven:

New York Blockchain Workshops, 4-5 April 2016, New York:

FutureLaw 2016, Hosted by CodeX – the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics On May 20, 2016, 

Digital Contracts, Identities and Blockchains: MON, MAY 23 AT 8:30 AM, CAMBRIDGE, MA

Provocative “Future Scenarios” of the Law

​Also see: