Computational Law Design Jam

February 23, 2017

Digital Identity and Personal Data with Continuously Connected Contracts

March 16th, 2017 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm at the MIT Media Lab, Room E15-341 (tentative)


* Working Event Description * Subject to Change *

Using a one-page standard personal finance and home mortgage scenario as common context we will explore the potential for large-scale economic transformtion through blockchain-enbled individual identity and personal privacy through continous consent controls and connected contracts.

With Host and Facilitator: Dazza Greenwood, Computational law researcher at the MIT Media Lab

  • Business Dimension: David Araujo, Chief technology officer, Digital Credit Union (tentative)
  • Legal Dimension: John Muller, Legal counsel for Paypal
  • Technology Dimension: Dan Buchner, Blockchain identity lead for Microsoft

A series of lightning talks and technology demonstration will showcase simplified, streamlined, swifter and safer experiences for borrowers, lenders and other key parties or stakeholders. Periodic reference to scenario-anchored vignets will spotlight issues, options and opportunities for transcending barriers and transforming options for access to information, opportunities and other resources.

The talks and demos augmented by the scenario and vignets will illustrate potential business models, legal frameworks and technology architectures to help ground the context for creative and design-focused discussion. Problems and prospets for small start prototypes and pilots likely to enable swift scaling of services and systems will be described and discussed.

The 2017 Computational Law Design Jam Series

Cross-Domain Lightning Talks, Design Charrettes and Collaborative Learning


We are pleased to share this draft announcement for the kickoff session of our 2017 Computational Law Design Jam informal discussion event series but please take note the event date is tentative and subject to change and the event description is a straw draft that is intended to evolve.   Inquiries, ideas and other comments about this event are welcome through the contact form.  

What is the Computational Law Design Jam Series?  This event series provides a periodic opportunity for cross-domain exploration of emerging ideas and innovation at the intersection of business, law and technology.  This series is structured to promote collaborative discussion around informal presentations of novel ideas, demonstrations of prototype technology and hands-on facilitated design-focused activities or small group breakout sessions.