Legal Hacking Electronic Transferable Records

February 5, 2017

Tuesday Hack Night is Back: February 7th, 2017

Refactoring  Warehouse Receipts From Paper Documents to Electronic Transferable Records

Join Massachusetts Legal Hackers and MIT Computational Law researchers for a focused legal hack session with Mark Weber of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative as we use law governing Electronic Transferable Records to help refactor paper-based warehouse receipts into the form of blockchain-backed digital, networked objects!  Hacknight Wiki page of background resources and context:  

The general idea is to refactor legally valid and enforceable warehouse receipts from paper documents to digital records.  we will explore:

1) Identifying system design requirements or constraints by starting with a walk through of the rules governing "Transferable Records" under UETA and ESIGN; and

2) Identifying contract design requirements or constraints by starting with a walkthrough of a standard, international "Trading Partner Agreement" appropriate for participation in relatively open commerce platforms, exchange networks and multi-player market systems (not a big buyer supply chain trading partner).  

The goal for this hack night is to develop a bullet list of potentially important requirements, constraints and other design goals for migration from paper to digital Warehouse Receipts, derived from a rapid but focused walk through of relevant legal rules.  The intention is to derive that bullet list from legal rules governing warehouse receipts in the form of electronic transferable records in the practical context of some likely types of rules governing parties using the digital warehouse receipt system derived from very standard trading partner and other commercial umbrella agreements.  While these two sources are far from comprehensive sets of all the legal rules impacting a system for digital warehouse receipts, they do provide a core "DNA-like" set of coherent, widely accepted, authoritative, definite, timely, relevant and achievable foundation to build upon.

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