Michael Simon Legal Hackers Lightning Talk

December 14, 2016

Invited Legal Hackers Lightning Talk:

"The Future of Law: AI-assisted Utopia or Jobless Robot Hellscape?"

We were pleased to host at the Media Lab Michael Simon's Legal Hackers Talk on the future law earilier this evening.  


Discussion Question: Is the future of law that the rich "lawyers" will get richer while the poor get poorer - and if so, what can we do about it?"  Your ponderings on this discussion question are invited at: law.mit.edu/contact!

Presentation Slides: https://github.com/HumanDynamics/Workshops/blob/gh-pages/LightningTalks/MichaelSimon/Simon-talk-Dec2016.pptx

Meetup Event Page: https://github.com/HumanDynamics/Workshops/blob/gh-pages/LightningTalks/MichaelSimon/Simon-talk-Dec2016.pptx?raw=true