Public Draft For Comment: Model System Rules

October 24, 2012

Initial Draft for Comment: Personal Data Trust Framework System Rules

The MIT Media Lab's Human Dynamics group, in collaboration with partner institutions, is pursuing a innovating initiative to develop an open personal data store and integrated mobile health application, leveraging the lab's groundbreaking work with the FUNF platform.  The approach requires and has created important new approaches to achieve a high level of of user control and consent based sharing of their personal data.  An integrated Trust Framework is an essential element of the design and includes a set of System Rules that ensure appropriate treatment of the legal, technical and operational facets of the implementation. 

The System Rules for this project have been developed based upon best practices and proven industry solutions but in order to achieve the novel goals for the underlying model of user control and personal data sharing, the project also convened a cross-discriplanary group of advisors and collaborators.  The initial draft of the System Rules was published in February, 2012 for comment.  The final draft is planned for public release at the end of December, 2012.