The Great Blockchain Payments Bakeoff of 2016

August 27, 2016

Join us for a friendly competition to show off your approach to using blockchain to conduct payments and other transactions.   

This competititve showcase is part of the Electronic Transactions Association's TRANSACT-Boston event at the MIT Media Lab!  

Focus Areas Include:

* Direct ACH, Credit Card or other Direct Payment

* Legal or Regulatory Solution Applicable to Payment

* Identity and Auhentication Applicable to Payment

To apply, just tell us about your product or service on this application form and we'll get right back to you with next steps! 

Tune in for our live Google Hangout on Thursday, September 8th at 3:00pm Eastern for updated and Q&A with Dazza Greenwood and Amy ter Haar on the Great Blockchain Bakeoff of 2016.   On the form above, we'll include space for you to pose your questions, share ideas and contribute other comments about the event and you can watch the livestream directly below. 



For more information and to register to attend the event, please consult this page: